Terms of use

The Art (co) archive materials are available to the researchers and people who are interested in contemporary art. Please send a request to our email address artcoarchive@gmail.com if you want to visit the archive offline or get a digital image, videos and other objects in high resolution.

To plan your visit, please indicate in the request your occupation, the research topic and the desired date of the visit.

You can work with the archive materials offline and receive counselling from a researcher at the Museum of Odessa Modern Art.

Our address: Leontovich str., 5 (the main building, second floor).

Museum opening hours:

Wed-Sun. 12:00 - 19:00

Mon-Tue. - weekend

To get high-resolution digital copies of images from the archive, you have to indicate your occupation in the request, the purpose of using the materials, as well as links to the images you need. Requests from institutions have to be fulfilled on the official application form, signed by the head of the organization and addressed to the management of the Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art.

We ask you to indicate the purpose of using the necessary materials (exposition, lecture, publication, etc.) and their list. The official letter is the basis for the execution of the contract and the Act of acceptance.

The “Art (co) archive” project is engaged in digitalization and archival research of different institutions, as well as private collections, and does not have exclusive copyright for all materials. Therefore, each request will be considered individually in order to obtain consent from the copyright holder of the image. A decision on your request will be made within five business days and you will be immediately informed.