Andriy Maryniuk

Vital Dates
June 29 1965
Born on June 29, 1965. He was close to the artists of Odesa conceptualism group.


  1. Comments Serhiy Anufriev: “Andriy Maryniuk creates a series of very bright, decorative works that cannot be called monumental – they are, rather, enlarged miniatures. Pure painting, generalization and even abstraction of forms, and absence of text all contribute to absolute comfort, which distinguishes this series. Comfort is openness, and, while penetrating through this living, vibrant, and warm layer, one has no time to comprehend the emptiness and absence of author, because this inner world of the artwork is shortly filled with one’s own story. Perhaps the very openness of color and certain understatement of the first layer (which does not imply incompleteness – the works are stylistically perfect) automatically provoke creativity with use of one’s own resources”.

    Letter from S. Anufriev to Yu. Leiderman. November 1983
    Yuliia Zharkova: “Andriy Maryniuk, a real scribe and mystic, created not only graphics and music, but also objects-spaces. That is, he used to design a whole room, and an unprepared person could feel very uncomfortable inside it. The reason for this are stained glass sculptures invented by the author and the use of mirrors in a way that makes the space to twist and expand simultaneously into plus and minus infinity”.

    Yuliia Zharkova. Sweet Eighties
    Dmytro Nuzhyn: “In his teenage years, Andriy used to create very serious conceptual works, when he was, I don’t know, fifteen, sixteen, or eighteen years old. I think that, at this age, he was on the peak of creative capabilities. He used to create some serious conceptual works, and then he switched to something commercial – he decorated interiors, and he was not interested in this work. He felt really down, because this brought him neither money nor interest – nothing. He fell victim of this fate”.

    Dmytro Nuzhyn. Interview

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