Fedot (Volodymyr Fyodorov)

Vital Dates
March 03 1963 – February 24 2018
Born in Sumy on March 29, 1963. In the middle of 1970s moved to Odesa. During the 70s, began creating his first conceptual works together with his classmate Aleksey Kotsiyevskiy, calling this new trend “cretinic realism”. In 1980-1984, studied at the department of industrial and civil engineering of the Odesa Institute of Civil Engineering. In 1982, he introduced Leonid Voitsekhov to Serhiy Anufriev, having started the forming of the Odesa conceptual group. In 1985, he moved to Kharkiv, where has been working as an animation artist for many years. Since the end of the 1980s, he took active part in the activity of the group “Inspection ‘Medical Hermeneutics’”. Since 1989 was a member of the Inspection Board of “Medical Hermeneutics”. Since 1993 – Senior Inspector of the “Medical Hermeneutics” group (instead of Yuriy Leiderman). In 1993, he represented Russia at the Venice Biennial (“Empty Icons” project). Died in Kharkiv on February 24, 2018.