Ihor Chatskin

Vital Dates
01/11/1963 – 06/15/2016
Born in Odesa on January 11, 1963. Studied at the Odesa Polytechnic Institute.
In 1982, founded the “IY” (abbreviation from “Igor-Yura”) group together with Yuri Leiderman. The group existed for a few months; during this time, its creators published a collection of poems and realized several performances. In the middle of 1990s, the artist moved to Moscow. He was writing poetry and published the “Poems” collection in 2001. Has been living in Israel since spring 2011.
Died on June 15, 2016, in Tel Aviv.


  1. Author texts НЕСКРОМНО – НА ИВРИТЕ «ЛЁ ЦНИУТ».

    Реализуя долгое стояние. Стихотворения Игоря Чацкина
    Он НХЛ. Стихи Игоря Чацкина
    Совместные стихотворения Игоря Чацкина и Юрия Лейдермана
    Стихи Игоря Чацкина. Литературно-художественный журнал «Зеркало»
    Игорь Чацкин. Журнальный зал
  2. Bibliography Интервью Вадима Беспрозванного Interview with Vadym Besprozvannyi
  3. Comments Yuriy Leiderman: “In our avant-garde company, Chatsa has immediately positioned himself as a poet. Indeed, it seems to me that during his whole life, his visual objects, paintings, and performances were rather supplements, still fragments of his poetry. He very quickly found his poetic form – small poems that consisted of several phrases and were visually elongated through breaking by one or two words, or even syllables, per line. In them, one could feel the distance of his unique personal speaking – seemingly easy and unpretencious, but at the same time – desperately proud, secluded, and sarcastic. Even towards himself”.

    Yuriy Leiderman. Chatsa
    Леонид Войцехов: «Чаца все время немножко надувал щеки, такая ситуация была - он ходил таким диссонансом нашей тусовки, такой поэт, как бы воздушный. Он же свою деятельность начал еще в 10-м классе раздачей карточек с Лейдерманом в кругу приятелей: "И завтра, в два часа дня на Соборной площади состоится первый в истории человечества пилотируемый полет свободной мысли". Чаца и все пришли со своими заделами. Чаца чуть-чуть летал, и я сделал такой плакат 3 на 1.5 метра, где был нарисован супермен, и было написано "Я - Чкалов Игорь Чацкин". А он мне сделал в ответ как бы на следующей выставке через четыре месяца, где сводил все это к прозе, на землю "Я рубль Игорь Чацкин" - такая проза, земля, то есть давай поговорим не о небесах, а о данности. Там был внутренний диалог, но это понимали человек 20-30 человек из тусовки, они могли это проследить.»

    Леонид Войцехов. Интервью
    Leonid Voitsekhov: «Chatsa was constantly blowing some smoke because of the situation – he was a dissonance for our circle, such an airy poet. He started his career in the 10th grade, when, together with Leiderman, he handed to his friends some cards: “Tomorrow, at 2 PM on Sobornaya square, there will be the first piloted flight of free thought in the human history”. Chatsa and everyone else came with their ideas. Chatsa was flying a little, and I’ve made a poster 3 by 1.5 meters with an image of Superman, which read: “I am Ihor Chatskin the Chkalov”. And he created a response to me for an exhibition four months later, in which he put everything down on earth, to the prose: “I am Ihor Chatskin the ruble”. That’s the prose, the earth, let us speak about reality instead of heaven. There was an inner dialogue, but only 20-30 people from our circles could understand and follow it”.

    Leonid Voitsekhov. Interview