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art(co)archive is an online project, which aims to provide open access to the archives and funds of museums, galleries, and private collections dedicated to Ukrainian contemporary art.

The core of the project is the collection of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art: at present, the archive contains photo-, video-, and audiodocumentations, as well as archival texts and interviews related to the development of contemporary art in the city since the 1960s. Especially valuable parts of the archive are the materials about the artistic scene of the 1980s – texts, artworks, documentations of actions and performances by Odessa conceptualists, - and the materials about the 1990s, which was a special period in the history of art in Odessa, characterized by the appearance of video art and installations, founding of the first Ukrainian contemporary art institutions, and active curating and art-critical life.

As for the functioning of the art(co)archive resource, we have chosen the way of gradual disclosure of the MoOMA collections and some private collections. The first step is the publication of archive documents and artworks related to the 1980s and the conceptual practices of Odessa artists. In view of research and archivation of Odessa conceptualism, an important task of the project is the analysis and publication of the works by Vadim Besprozvannyi, who, in 1996-1999, collected an extensive collection of copies of artworks and documents and conducted interviews with Odessa artists, both related and not related to the circles of Odessa conceptualists, having created a slice of the 1980s artistic life.

In short-term perspective, we will also publish more detailed biographies of artists, as well as research and analytical texts dedicated to the contemporary art of Odessa.

In addition to studies of the Odessa region and publication of the MoOMA materials, the authors of the project chose partnership and cooperation as the main strategies for the development of the resource. This explains the use of the prefix (co), which means association and partnership as the basis of work on the online archive. We suggested our colleagues from the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery to prepare a selection of works related to conceptual practices in the art of Vagrich Bakhchanyan and Boris Mikhaylov.

Moreover, a crucial component of our activity is the search and publication of artworks and documents from private collections. We hope that this will contribute to research and emergence of critical and analytical materials, and the convenient platform of the web site will attract a wider audience.